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Autographed Spring Break DVD + Bootleg Commentary


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Get The Bootleg Commentary WITH an Autographed Copy of the DVD! Limited Stock Available!

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Product Description

So here’s the deal. That Bootleg Commentary Downloadable MP3 is awesome, no doubt!

HOWEVER, I just found a box with some Spring Break DVDs in it, and God knows I don’t need more than one.

So here’s what I’m thinking. I’ll send YOU a personally autographed, certified one-of a kind, sanitized for your protection copy of the Spring Break DVD.

AND I’ll include the probably illegal, truly Bootleg Original Cast audio commentary they were too cheap to include on the official DVD, actually burned onto a second disk!

Not only that, I’ll throw in a few actual behind the scenes snapshots from the 1983 film shoot in Fort Lauderdale!

All this stuff together is worth over Two Hundred and Feefty!

But because Eesh sent you, it’s only $49.95 $37

Such a deal!

You should totally get it!

PS When you get to the Cart, make sure you UNCHECK the Downloadable version, so you don’t pay an extra seven bucks. You’ll want to save that for some beer. I’ll send you the download link anyway.

Who’s got your back, huh?