Want To Contact David About A Potential Gig, Or Just Say, “Hi?

Here are four convenient ways (and all of them will work)!

1. Send an email to [email protected] and it will go directly to David’s primary email inbox, which he obsessively checks every couple of days or so (or use the convenient form below, which will send that email for you). It works, too!

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2. Send a Facebook Instant Message from his Fan Page! He’ll get an alert right on his iPhone in seconds!

3. If this is about a Film or Television gig, you might give his awesome agent, Justin Habel at Q6 Talent a call. He can be reached at (503) 274-8555

4. Hit him up on the Twitter or the LinkedIn!

5. (Bonus Method) If you’re within sight of him (say,  for instance, on the next hill but one) you can try signaling Dave with semaphore flags. Here are some convenient instructions: