Life On The Mississippi (1980)

My film debut. When Dennis Christopher broke his arm, two weeks before production began, The producers of this Great Performance epic scoured the globe for someone else to play young Sam Clemens in Mark Twain’s autobiographical tale of his years as a young riverboat pilot. They found me.

It was an amazing experience that I will treasure as long as I live.

Beautifully shot by Walter Lassely, and Directed by Peter H. Hunt. I have fond memories of every single person who worked on this film.

A few years ago there was a 3-D IMAX film called, I think, “Mark Twain’s America” that featured some footage shot on the Julia Belle Swain, the steamboat on which we filmed. I cannot express how wonderful it was, reliving a cherished memory in 3D. Amazing.

“When I was a boy, there was but one permanent and burning ambition among me and my comrades, and that was to be a steamboat pilot.”