The Unofficial Spring Break Original Cast Bootleg DVD Commentary

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Hey, If you’re a fan of 1983’s Spring Break, (one of the top grossing college comedies of all time, according to the DVD box) you won’t want to miss this.

When Anchor Bay finally released the DVD of this classic almost 30 years after its release, they spared every expense and added ZERO bonus features. Not a one! No Director’s cut, no audio commentary. No blooper reel! Nothing!

It seems the Powers That Be didn’t want you to know what really happened in Fort Lauderdale during the making of this classic college flick in the summer of 1982.

But David and the cast of Spring Break took matters into their own hands and recorded their own behind the scenes audio commentary for people like you, who HAVE to know!

Yes, the inmates have taken over the asylum. David Knell, Perry Lang, Steve Bassett, Jayne Modean & Jeff Garlin give you the straight poop.

Get the real story from the folks who there in the trenches, acting the shit out of that dialogue, peeing on Penthouse Pets, and making out with REAL alligators (Oops. typo. Reverse that.), for YOUR entertainment!

Available as a limited edition downloadable MP3 file that you can sync with your own DVD or listen to in the car on the way to work.

Get your copy today for a mere FOUR Bucks (less than a glass of better quality beer) before THE MAN threatens us with legal action and we wimp out and take it down!

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WAIT! Put that back in your pants!

(and by “that” I meant your wallet, if that was unclear)

Your 4 Bucks is no good here today!

This week, we’re celebrating Spring Break’s official “Classic” Status
(It’s showing on Turner Classics, therefore true) by giving you this priceless (Well, $4) Audio Commentary for a mere Share, Tweet, or Post.
Click the button below and get Social.
Then Download the file, Grab a six-pack of Miller and relive the ’80s.

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