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Autographed Spring Break Script



Hard to believe, but Spring Break was NOT entirely improvised! We actually had lines that were written down that we mostly had to memorize! And here they are, in a meticulously reproduced “replica” of David Smilow's Screenplay, with David (Nelson Dalby) Knells notes and stuff. Get your copy now!


Product Description

Hey there, David Knell here, bringing you greetings from the Eighties!

As I said in some previous video, my mother opened the vault, as ’twere, and a bunch of cool stuff was found, including my original, used-in-production copy of the Spring Break script. After polling youse guys, I put it up the eBay where it sold for less than a HUNDRED THOUSAND dollars!

BUT I also put in the fine print of the auction that I reserved the right to make copies for a few of my friends (i.e. you).

So that’s what I did.

Only I decided that instead of just heading over to Kinkos and running off a bunch of plain white Xerox copies of the script, I would follow in my own tradition and make it ridiculously complicated for myself.

Actually they’re more like “replicas” of the original:

  • Individually signed and numbered
  • Printed on COLORED stock (just like the original)
  • Custom-Made “King O’ The Beach” Cover (just like the original)
  • Meticulously recreated mysterious stains (just like the original)

And for the first half-dozen (or so) people who took me up on this, I also included:

  • A complete set of reprints of the B&W 8×10 Press Kit photos
  • Copies of all my behind the scenes snapshots (about a dozen)
  • Directions to the secret “Pine Scrub” location where I kissed that alligator and peed on Modean(wait, that can’t be right…).
  • sb-snaps-collection-300x225
  • press-pics-collection-300x234

(Note: These bonus thingies will be digital downloads if my printer doesn’t cooperate)

After a couple of weeks of turning my kitchen into a art-studio/print shop (Those stains were a bitch to reproduce) I stopped! And started offering cheap knock-offs instead (until I got bored with that).


This week only, I will make a mess of my kitchen once again, and make a few more of these priceless replicas. (reread the above “Why Did I do That?” section for further explanation on that).

If you want one, without having to spend THOUSAND of dollars, now’s your chance.

Not for Two Hundred and Feefty Dollars.

Not for One Hundred and Feefty Dollars.

This Week Only, and Only for YOU, it’s just Ninety Seven Dollars (feefteen watts)!

“Holy Cow! Seriously, Dave?”

Word Up.

That’s LESS than you would for a keg of decent beer (not the Miller High Life we were drinking in the movie).

So get yours now, before I decide that making the little stains on the cover (which you know I’ll do) is just too much work, and jack up the price or just scrap the whole project.

Talk To Ya Soon!

interested in a three month payment plan? CLICK HERE for more info