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Official Bootleg Spring Break T-Shirt – The Breeze n’ Seas


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The first ever Spring Break Official Bootleg T-Shirt – Featuring the fictional Breeze n' Seas Motel in Ft. Lauderdale.
And you were there. In the 80's. Remember? Or was it just a movie…?

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Product Description

It’s the first ever Spring Break “Official Bootleg” T-Shirt.

Ft. Lauderdale.  The 80’s.

The fictional Breeze n’ Seas Motel.

Torn down years ago, only to be replaced by a circus camp.

But its memory now lives on in the the most awesome T-Shirt you ever owned.

Yup. It’s the Breeze n Seas Motel.

“Hotel Voted Most Like A Refugee Camp,
~~Adam Stern, Destination Spring Break Magazine,1982”

Show everyone you were there (if only vicariously).

An obscure reference you can wear with pride.

The real sign was made of styrofoam, and ended up in some producer’s garage until they finally threw it away during a bitter divorce.*

This one’s 100% Cotton. Heather Grey. American Apparel.

Very limited Edition.

I’m only making a dozen of these. Maybe ever.

Share this page and yours will come with an autographed Certification of Authenticity,
suitable for framing and “Saneetized for your protection”.

Two Hundred and Feefty.

“You Seenk Ees Too Muusch?!?”

Okay, my mullet-headed friend. You drive a hard bargain.

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